Compliance guidelines

The code of conduct is a binding guideline for our company and employees that describes our company’s values. In order to support our customers with the implementation of these guidelines, we offer targeted trainings and platforms. Conforming with our compliance guidelines is a vital part of our company’s culture!


Code of conduct

ARB ASCO Rohrbau has committed itself to ethical and lawful behaviour in all matters of business. This code of behaviour sets the rules and procedures that lead all employees, leading employees and the management board in carrying out their duties and that guarantee the compliance with legal and ethical behaviour.

These rules apply to all employees, leading employees and the management board of ARB ASCO Rohrbau

Wages and social benefits:

Our business partners must adhere to local laws and industry standards regarding wages and social

Working time:

Our business partners adhere to local laws and industry standards regarding working time.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining:

Our business partners respect the rights of their employees including the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining according to the applicable law.

Harassment and equal treatment:

Our business partners do not accept harassment and discrimination within their workforce. The companies do not discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin, nationality, social background, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion or membership to a political parties
and trade unions


Guideline for business ethics

Corruption, blackmailing and bribery:
Our business partners have to corruption, blackmailing and bribery of any kind.

Data privacy:
Our business partners treat personal data respectfully and carefully and adhere to applicable laws.

Financial responsibility (exact records):
Our business partners provide an exact and complete financial record and disclose financial results and other important information in a complete, exact and fair and timely manner.

Disclosure of information:
Our business partners disclose information on working conditions, health and security on the job, ecological practices, business activities, structure, financial situation and economic development according to the common practice in the respective industry.

Fair competitions and competition law:
Our business partners must adhere to fair competition and competition laws.

Conflict of interest:
Our business partners take the necessary precautions in order to prevent relationships, activities and businesses where private interests or relationships have influenced or could influence business decisions.

Forged parts:
The products of our business partners bear explicit labels and are traceable within the supply chain. If you are aware of any forged parts that are circulating, ATM Recyclingsystems has to be informed immediately.

Intellectual property:
Our business partners respect our intellectual property.

Export control and economic sanctions:
Our business partners follow export and trade restrictions with countries that are sanctioned by international law.

Protection from retaliation:
Our business partners protect their employees from retaliation.


Environmental policy

Our business partners commit themselves to protecting our environment and to comply with laws. Our legal regulations support the continuous improvement of their environmental performance.

Greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and renewable energies:
Our business partners integrate energy-saving technologies, the use of renewable energies and targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in their environmental policy and activities.

Water quality and consumption:
Our business partners have integrated the reduction of water consumption and the preservation of water quality in their environmental targets.

Air quality:
Our business partners follow air quality goals according to applicable laws and regulations and aim at reducing air emissions.

Management of sustainable resources and waste management:
Our business partners manage their resources sustainably and try to reduce their waste.

Responsible chemical management:
Our business partners deal with chemicals in a responsible way.

Responsible procurement of raw materials:
Our suppliers support activities that secure a responsible procurement of raw materials. The procurement or use of raw materials that were gained unlawfully or with the help of ethically reprehensible or unreasonable measures has to be avoided. The use of raw materials such as conflict minerals affected by embargoes or other import restrictions is also prohibited. Suppliers are therefore obliged to identify raw materials in their products and supply chains in order to be able to fully disclose these materials.