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Water technology

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Our company offers you a comprehensive solution for your water treatment. We supply suitable spare parts of the highest quality and guarantee fast delivery – regardless of the age or model of your plant. In addition, we will gladly take over the removal and installation for you.

To ensure that your system always runs smoothly, we also offer you a service and maintenance contract. Regular servicing and maintenance minimize downtime and prevent expensive repairs. Our team offers you customized service packages for water treatment plants, especially for flotation plants, of all common manufacturers.


Your wastewater treatment plant (flotation, sedimentation, filters…) is getting on in years and no longer meets your expectations? Time for a modernization. Not everything that is old has to be bad. We will inspect your equipment on site and bring it up to the state of the art. Anything that’s fine you can leave in place, leave the rest to us.

Contact us and let our professional and experienced team assist you. We will be happy to help you!

Refurbishment & used systems

You own a water treatment plant (flotation, sedimentation, filter…), but you don’t use it anymore or it has been out of operation for a long time? We will give it a second life! Our specialists will be happy to visit you for an inspection and evaluation. Afterwards we will make you a purchase offer. After our professional overhaul and restoration of the equipment components, they can be reused.

Process optimization and performance enhancement

You operate a system for wastewater treatment and are dissatisfied with the result? Often the devil is in the details. Our experienced specialists will be happy to visit you to take stock of your system on site. By making individual adjustments and optimizations, we can improve the performance of your water treatment system and save you operating and maintenance costs. In addition, we will draw up a maintenance plan with the necessary wear and spare parts and conduct training courses for your employees.

Capacity expansion of existing wastewater treatment system

Your water treatment system has reached its capacity limit. Often space and budgetary resources are tight. Often expansions have to be realized within shortest time or even during operation. Contact us and benefit from our expertise in this field.

Delivery, installation and commissioning of new plants

Environmental regulations, official requirements, production changes… There are many reasons that make the acquisition of wastewater treatment plants necessary. No matter whether flotation, sedimentation, filtration or primary clarification. Our plant portfolio covers a wide range of applications – surely there is a solution for your application as well. Contact us – our experts will be happy to advise you.

Pilot and rental plants

Environmental regulations, official requirements, production changes… There are many reasons that make the use of wastewater treatment plants necessary. You want to test whether a water treatment system delivers the required results or you have only a temporary need (harvest time, production peaks…) for wastewater treatment? Our pilot and rental plants are the optimal solution. Contact us – we will prepare a customized offer for you!