Webos TV & DVD Equipment in Ghana
Webos TV & DVD Equipment in Ghana
To implement the function, the TV had to be endowed with the operating system necessary for the normal operation of the new technology. And here the manufacturers each went their own way: Samsung uses Tizen in its devices, Panasonis – Firefox, WebOS is used in LG Smart TVs, Sony, Philips and Sharp have come to Android since 2015.
Here is one of these systems, we will talk in our article.
For the first time this OS was presented by Palm back in 2009. It was used to control smartphones, tablets and other devices from this manufacturer. A year later, the rights to it were acquired by Hewlett Packard, which in 2012 opened free access to WebOS, the program became open source. This allowed everyone to develop, optimize and release applications based on this OS.
In 2013, LG partnered with Palm to develop and use WebOS on its TVs.
Let’s see what WebOS is on LG TVs. The developers of this operating system for Smart TV have focused on the simultaneous execution of several tasks and advanced opportunities for working with social networks.
After turning on the Smart TV, we will see various bookmarks with our favorite applications, services and settings at the bottom of the screen. For the convenience of working with the interface, LG has made it possible to control the TV using gestures, for which you need to hold the remote control in your hands. In this case, you can move bookmarks from the panel to any convenient place on the screen, the same can be done with the icons of connected external devices.
A feature of webOS is that even when the video is running, the bookmarks below will be the same size for quick and easy access to them.
Among the shortcomings, one can single out a small variety of entertainment content for this system, although the most relevant applications with the most demanded functions are present in it. For some users, a small number of games for this OS may also be a disadvantage.
Today it is difficult to say which operating system is the best for SmartTV, each of them has its own advantages over competitors.
For example, Android TV will be more popular with those who expect not so much to watch TV as to play games, for those who want to increase the screen size of their smartphone to a TV screen.
Tizen is intended for people who do not want to deal with the settings for a long time. Today it is, perhaps, the most Russified platform with a large number of Russian-language applications.
WebOS is the choice of those who are more interested in using video content, with convenient and quick access to various types of it, from TV channels to searching and watching videos on the Internet. To which are added ample opportunities for connecting various multimedia devices.
LG has announced the imminent release of a new version of its webOS operating system for the Smart TV platform. By tradition, all the main elements of the interface and access to the settings will remain unchanged. The changes will only affect the addition of new features, both software and hardware, new applications and widgets will be added. This will undoubtedly appeal to the owners of LG TVs, who have managed to get used to their operating system and the possibilities that they get with it. https://jiji.com.gh/tv-dvd-equipment/webos