Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Testimonial: Great Appear; Uncomfortable Design

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is amongst the cheaper name-brand wireless headsets, but excellent sound shouldn’t totally excuse the embarrassing design.

By Marshall Honorof 29 December 2017

Our Very Own Verdict

The Turtle seaside Stealth 600 is amongst the less costly name-brand wireless headphones, but fantastic appear doesn’t completely excuse the difficult design and style.

  • Great games and tunes noise
  • Deluxe ear canal cups
  • Simple wireless connection


  • Embarrassing healthy
  • Lackluster mic layout
  • Limited PC interface

Turtle seashore used to be the gold standard for gaming earphones, coming competitiveness at a distance with exclusive blend of luxury, aesthetics and quality of sound. They did not require much time for rivals to have best, though, and Turtle seashore has grown to be one excellent wireless headset vendor in a veritable sea of different good bluetooth headset companies.

Enter in the Turtle coastline Stealth 600 ($100), a radio headset for the PS4 or xbox console One that appears good and shouldn’t are priced at in excess. A name-brand wireless headset for one hundred dollars may seem like an excellent bargain. But an awkward mic, insufficient usefulness and a very uneasy in shape have the Stealth 600 a somewhat advertising.

Turtle shore made most compromises employing the Stealth 600, but those compromises performed help to make they among the many most inexpensive wireless games headphones all around. Weigh the options appropriately.


The Stealth 600 appears like a relic belonging to the just-about-bygone „extreme“ video gaming age, with sharp sides bisecting the over-ear cups and either bright-green or dark-blue highlights, based whether find the Playstation Four or Xbox variation.

Of certain observe might be boom microphone, which folds entirely back, parallel for the ear container. It a unique halfway product, neither as classy as a mic that folds into an ear mug nor since jarring as a mic that only folds upward.

The head cups bring somewhat swivel with them, that helps these people healthy conveniently, and they fold up all the way up for mobility. Since foam padding to the headband try luxurious and also a large number of present, the extendable notches become low priced and finicky, thus obtaining a good fit demands some trial-and-error.

The put ear pot could possibly get quite crowded, since it’s home to both quantity switch and chat-volume call, which might be actually near both. If you consider this sounds like a confusing setup, your proper. Although it’s not difficult to bear in mind about the amount is included in leading plus the discussion quantity is found on the bottom, actually acutely easy to call unsuitable one out of a heated minutes right after which ask yourself precisely why the adventure has not become any quieter than prior to.

Beyond that, these buttons can be extremely basic. The put ear canal mug (which also contains the getting slot; the needed hearing glass is actually definitely bare by comparison) have an electrical key, a pairing option and an equalization switch, which will let you turn among four ways. Which makes the left head container the well-designed center of this entire gadget reasonable from a cost-saving viewpoint, this relatively packed from design and style and artistic point of views.


Turtle shore carries that Stealth 600 makes use of technology referred to as „ProSpecs“ to make their head cups less difficult on people who don spectacles. As a bespectacled specific, I am able to ensure that the headset is definitely uncommonly easy regarding the hearing, controlling which will make a great aural seal without actually ever demanding out way too hard.

In the beginning, the wireless headset decided it could detach at any time.

Every monitor we listened to was wealthy, slight and chock-full of existence. From detailed rhythm guitar portion, to discreet voice harmonies, to drum and pike beats that did not die from the tune, the Stealth 600 am basically — and astonishingly — one of the better music experiences I ever had with a gaming wireless headset.

Final Conclusion

The Turtle seashore Stealth 600 delivers superlative sounds for both gaming and audio, the primary things a gaming wireless headset should do. But doesn’t suit really well, the design and style thinks as well congested and its particular embarrassing Personal Computer interface make updates and maintenance a chore. Whenever you live with a wired product, view the SteelSeries Arctis 5, which conforms to your head structure definitely better and sounds a great device too Or, should you decide insist on getting an invisible bluetooth headset and do not notice trying to keep looking out for marketing, an alternative way will be the exceptional Logitech G533, which is often readily available never as than the $150 list price.

For one hundred dollars, you are not able to receive another name-brand wireless bluetooth headset, not to mention one which possess this type of exceptional sound. The convenience and audio quality all alone may be worth the cost; in any other case, you might need to lose cordless features for one thing convenient and adaptable.