What are gift boxes for??

The main function of the gift wrapping box is the preservation of the packed product. It is easy to carry a gift in a gift box without fear of destroying, scratching or wrinkling. But this does not end the functions of the gift box, because it also carries an aesthetic load, which can make a certain mood, give the gift weight and a pretty look.

The gift box can hide the contents of the presentation from prying eyes, in the case when there is no desire to advertise your own gift. And on the contrary, its implementation is appropriate at huge celebrations, where there is a need to highlight your own gift and direct the attention of the hero of the occasion to it.

There is also another pleasant property that a gift box has – this is a well-known feeling of anticipation, which makes the gift more exciting and mysterious.

The reasons for giving gifts can be very different, and jewelry decorations are the gift that is almost always appropriate. Its small size dictates the need for packaging.

Presenting a ring without packaging, making a marriage proposal, is not impressive and even offensive. Therefore, in this situation, excellent and worthy packaging is simply needed. It often happens that having bought a piece of jewelry as a gift, you have to find a decent packaging for it. This is not always comfortable, it is much better when you can immediately purchase a packing box in the jewelry department or jewelry store.

We will help you solve the problem with the packaging of products.

In our online store you can find everything for packaging products in bulk. This will allow you to have the right amount of ceremonial packaging for small jewelry and bijouterie in your store. Each customer will be satisfied with the service of your store, having received their purchase in a neat, beautiful and representative packaging.

We can offer our partners in bulk everything they may need for packaging products. You can purchase packaging in bulk from us in Moscow and receive an order within 2 days. This will allow you to have at your own disposal a sufficient number of packages for small and large costume jewelry and jewelry.

Our assortment will intrigue you.

We do not only sell boxes in bulk to large customers ordering huge quantities of products. We can buy boxes in bulk and personal persons who, in preparation for the holiday, need a large number of beautiful packaging.

Gift bags.

In our online store you can buy velvet bags for jewelry and bijouterie. This gift wrapping option also looks presentable, besides, its functionality will allow the hero of the day to use such a wonderful packaging after. It is convenient to store small gizmos in such a bag, to transport your decorations when going on a trip. The velvet pouch itself is an excellent trick for which there is always a use.

Gift boxes.

A box can serve as a more reliable packaging for jewelry, since, unlike a bag, it will protect the product from breakage and deformation. Our assortment includes a huge number FONOAUDIOLOGIA from Portuguese to English of boxes of reddish, pink, silver and golden colors, in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If a ring and small earrings can fit in a small box, then a bracelet, necklace or tiara will need a decent size box. Here you will also find such packaging. The abundance of models will allow you to choose a balanced option and provide a choice for your customers. You can order boxes decorated in various styles from us: strict and romantic, unique, funny and cute, which are suitable for any option.