There are many ways to give your curls puffiness and seductive curls. True, none of the techniques (neither perm, nor heat treatment) can boast such safety as conventional, well-known curlers. This simple tool has been used since time immemorial. Another thing is that modern models are many times better than their predecessors in terms of appearance, simplicity, and comfort of use.

There are several classifications that allow you to deal with the species that exist today, which you can buy in specialized boutiques and in online stores.

So, depending on the material of manufacture of the curlers can be:

metal; wooden; foam rubber; fabric (velvet).

Depending on the method, or rather the time of use, these devices are ordinary (daytime) and nighttime (allow you to create curls while sleeping). But, perhaps, the most extensive classification of these devices can be called the division into types depending on the appearance of the device and the result from its use. Well, in order to choose and buy the right product, experts advise you to figure out what they are and how they differ.

Choosing the right curlers.

Manufacturers of various hair accessories and instruments are constantly developing new products that not only differ from the existing ones, but are also able to provide completely different results when applied. So hair curlers, which are called boomerangs due to their specific shape, are considered very convenient and can be used for both long and short strands. A well-thought-out design allows you to fix curls quickly, reliably, and for a long time. Boomerangs differ in length and diameter.

So for styling long curls, experts advise choosing boomerangs with a greater length. But to create small curls, it is better to opt for boomerangs with a small diameter.

In our online store you can buy boomerang curlers of different lengths and with different diameters, which will allow you to create luxurious curls and small curls. In the manufacture of boomerangs, dense foam rubber is usually used, which allows them to be used even at night. At the same time, a comfortable shape and strong fixation ensures that in the morning your curls will be even and not deformed.

Hair curlers equipped with an unusual barbed surface are called „hedgehogs“. It is this surface that allows them to stick to the strands without the help of elastic bands, sticks, clamps and other fasteners. This model is perfect for styling long to medium hair.

True, for long hair, you will have to use additional clips. But to make a hairstyle on too short strands with the help of „hedgehogs“ is unlikely to succeed. Although, in our online store you can buy „hedgehogs“ of different diameters.

This will allow you to use them both to create luxurious smooth waves and to create fancy small curls, regardless of the length of the curls.

The advantage of using „hedgehogs“ is that the hair dries quickly. This is probably why they are used when you need to do the styling very quickly. Despite the fact that with the help of „hedgehogs“ you can create voluminous and luxurious hairstyles, you should not use them on thin and damaged curls.

There is a risk of damaging your hair even more.

A little more about the options.

Also in our store you can buy curlers online:

Velcro; ordinary foam rubber; metal with a brush inside; velvet; bobbins, etc.

Each type has its own characteristics and allows you to achieve different results when styling.

So simple foam curlers that are suitable for styling both long and short hair, experts advise to use at night. After all, it is soft foam rubber that is the main advantage of this type, since it allows the head to take a comfortable position during sleep and does not interfere with normal sleep. In addition, you can buy them at a low price, which only adds to their popularity.